An Insignificant Life

She is drawn to those who might bring meaning to her world, only to find her past choices could have destroyed the one man who would truly love her.

Tiffany Lundgren is looking for significance in the world of academia, beyond being a visual distraction for men to ogle. But something stands in her way. When she removes the impediment that threatens her professional career, her world spirals deeper, and she discovers the things she once believed brought her strength, have only hardened her on the outside, leaving her insides empty.

Adam Grant, the K-9 campus police officer, wants to be taken seriously in his profession. But after having been purposely left out of the previous undercover investigation, he wonders if his new relationship with the liaison from the Maryland Drug Task Force Initiative will be an open one. Especially since he once tried to date the man's wife. But as the drug trade heats up in the dorms, and lives are being threatened, Adam resolves to get to the bottom of the problem, even to the point of involving his former-drug-dealing pastor.

Will his deeper commitment endanger the woman he's come to love?

Todd Watson is nearing a year of sobriety, determined to turn his life around, but will he always have the reputation as a drunken rich boy? He sets out on his own to discover who is sabotaging the buildings, because no one will believe his theory. He is constantly reminded of his depraved past by his fellow resident assistant, Alexa Woo. But is her bitterness toward him due to what she won't forget ...

... Or what he can’t remember?


What reviewers are saying ...

"Connie Almony does a brilliant job of keeping the reader in suspense while also culminating a beautiful romance along with it. I almost read this book in one day. I just could not put it down until it said The End."

"I loved the first book in this series and I enjoyed this one just as much. This one is also a combination of faith, romance and suspense that kept me reading from the first pages."

"Really enjoyed the book! Loved the first one and this one didn't disappoint either. Can't wait for anything else the author may write!"

"Connie Almony's newest Maryland State University Series novel is action-packed suspense with characters that struggle with life's real issues. From the first sentence, the author draws you to characters you will remember long after you've finished living the story alongside them.This novel deals with prevalent issues that plague our society ten-fold. And how love can overcome even the greatest of sins."

"Once again, a book I had trouble putting down! Connie has such a gift with character development, as you get involved in the book, you really feel as though you know these people personally."

"You would be doing yourself a great favor to pick up this book, but be aware, once you start, it will be hard to put down! I am really looking forward to where this series heads next."

tags: Christian in college, abortion, pro-life, romantic suspense, substance abuse, heavy drinking, interracial relationships, Christian romance