Flee from Evil

A pastor with a past uses his underworld connections to try and save the child of the woman he wronged many years ago.

“Flee from Evil” is not just a romance. Not just suspense. It is a gripping story that touches every emotion while dealing with issues pertinent to today’s Christian …

Pastor Vince Steegle thought his destructive beginnings were ancient history, but the ramifications of his prior choices just walked in the door of his church. Is Romans 8:28 really true? Can God make all things good? Or is Vince's past just too ugly?

After the death of her much-beloved husband, Cassandra Whitaker is grasping to maintain security for her children. One, a teen teetering on the cusp of womanhood. The other, a young boy struggling with autism. But there are those who seek to destroy them. Can Cassandra keep her family safe, or must she flee from evil?

Why does Sophie feel impending doom? Maybe it has something to do with the dream she’d just had. It wouldn’t bug her if it wasn’t so similar to the one she’d had before her dad died. Or could it be the secret she suspects her mother holds tight? The one that might undo her. If only Sophie could protect her little brother from all the turmoil.

At least she has Sky, the guy whose attentions will take her mind off her troubles.
Or does he bring trouble of his own?


From Reviews and Facebook comments …

"I just pray I can find the words to relay how impacting and incredible it was to read Flee from Evil! Just awesome. Thank you!"

"Connie Almony has written another book that deals with hard and gritty issues. She does so as only a brilliant story teller can."

"Absolutely outstandingingly amazing!!! There should be more adjectives in the world so I could describe this book better."

"Sad. Despondent. Depressed. All words to describe how I feel now that Flee From Evil is over. I tried to stop reading it. I did. I read 27 chapters today. I couldn't help myself. It's 3 pm, I'm still in my pajamas and it's all this book’s fault. I loved this book. I need to process a bit and then I'll leave my review. Will they let me do more than 5 stars?"

"I'm not even kidding. I picked up my kindle and put it back down last night because I didn't want to read anything else."

"I have finished Flee from Evil and all I can say is WOW!! It is a very powerful story and I loved it.

This is a totally engaging, excellent, powerful read!!!!! loved it!!!!!!!"

"I've already prayed for more Lew. I really want to see where God takes him."

"I finished it two days ago and honestly I'm still a little sad about the fact that it's done. I've not felt that strongly about a book in a long time."

"It's going to stick with me a while. Powerful!"

"It's just one of those books that packs a big ole wallop and hits you right in the chest!"

"I wish I could give this book 20 stars! It's that good. I've read all Connie Almony's books and enjoyed them very much, but this is her best EVER!"

"This book was absolutely outstanding! Totally and completely. I couldn't tear myself away from it. The Christian message is powerful here. Forgiveness, grace, and mercy. God can take our brokenness and use it in such a way that it totally astounds us. IF we allow Him to heal our hearts."

"This is one book I'm going to be thinking about for a long time to come.
I highly recommend it."

"This book was a very suspenseful and intriguing book. I found it to be very open and heart wrenching at times."

"Now that it’s over, I find myself thinking about the characters, their relationships with each other, and honestly, wondering what they are doing now. Like they are real people. Because that's how they feel to me. This is a story that everyone can relate to. It has romance, it has teenage angst. It has first love, it has people who made mistakes, and felt the love of family who stood by them while they cleaned up their messes. You will only be doing yourself a huge favor by reading this book. But clear your schedule. This is a book meant to be savored and enjoyed. These are people you will fall in love with and care about. I am so thrilled this is titled as Water's Edge book 1, I'm so invested in this story, I cannot wait to see what happens next."

"[Flee from Evil] caused me to take a closer look at my own life. Parts were quite tense but there was good resolution. A powerful read with complex characters. Learning more about a person with autism was helpful and written in a manner I could grasp."

"The story combines family secrets, hurting people, romance, faith, and some mystery and suspense which results in a book that I could not put down. It is also a beautiful story of hurting people finding love, acceptance and forgiveness."

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